Bee Honey Spoon

Bee Honey Spoon

GCC line and iVega, signed an agreement to upgrade ,redesign and redevelop their e-commerce platforms and to utilize the latest technology using the following :-

AI (Artificial Intelligence) :

  • Customer Targeted E-Commerce
  • Online AI Shopping With Facebook (Messenger, WhatsApp etc.. )
  • Automatic Answer Checker
  • Customer satisfaction using Deep Learning
  • Online Logistic Chatbot System

Connect everything :

  • Connect their all e-commerce platforms with their ERP system
  • Connection everything with the AI system

Reporting and automated promotion system:

  • Auto reporting – sales, revenue , loss etc.
  • reporting and dashboard will work online and offline

With years of experience providing technology services and business solutions, there’s nothing our team at iVega can’t handle.

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